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от Jens
hey borden,

that sounds just great!!! I will tell this to the guys from berlinspotter.de :D


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от Stoyan
harrier написа:
Stoyan написа:O'k then a question to you.
Why don't you make bgspotters also in English? :wink:

And why don't you ask these type of questions in the right forum?

Because I think that the Interantional forum is the right plase.
If the site is in English will come much more visitors, am I right?
If not, pls delete all my posts here.

Re: yes

МнениеПубликувано на: 20 Дек 2004 00:13
от atzah
jens написа:by the way: why there are no flights offered to Plovdiv this year???


Hi Jens,

I am afraid that the reasons are mainly economic. Plovdiv airport serves mainly charter flights for the ski resorts. Sadly but, it is not very often to hear German speech at the Bulgarian resorts. Or not as much as before.

For many years the charter flights to Germany used very strange system, where the places were divided by the touroperators, but with no block seats. This system was very favourable for the touroperators, but not for the carriers (anyway when the planes were not full). And it is very hard for a carrier to have a plane at an airport, just serving a flight a week.

Other reasons include:
1. Development of a Bansko as a ski resort (for which SOF is more preferable)
2. Awful condition of all the facilities at Plovdiv Airport.
3. Many of these flights are used by Bulgarians living in Germany, who generally prefer flying to Sofia.

Anyway the things are not so bad. The airport is functioning and is been used for charter flights (mainly from the UK) and I personally think there is great potential in PDV, I see it like a low-fare airport. It takes no more then an hour and a half to drive from PDV to Sofia centre.

thank you

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от Jens
hey atzah,

thank you very much for the answer!!!


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от Гост
I also wrote it in the krile.net Forum. Air Via will sell two or three of their Tupolev and replace them by Boeing or Airbus end of this year. The other TU´s will be able to operate because they have already implemented a 7 Channel GPWS which fulfills the regulation of the EU after June 2006.
Best regards Thorsten

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от OGI
!!!!!!!!! Virus !!!!!!!!!
In the upper mesage
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от Toni
Вчера изтрих 2 такива от форума. През нощта същият бот пак е работил.