Spotting LBSF

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Spotting LBSF

Мнениеот Felle » 22 Апр 2006 19:58

Hello all,

I will be in Sofia at the end of may. I would like to know where are the best spots to spot the miltary aircraft on the field and if it is possible to take pictures of them? I read also that there is also an event at Plovdiv in the begin of june. Does someone know what to expect overthere?

Kind regards,

Stephan Felgeirolles.

Мнениеот harrier » 22 Апр 2006 20:05

Hi Felle,
spotting the military aircrafts in Sofia is hard, there is no good spotting position, but if you take a walk on the northern side of the airport maybe you will find some place to take nice shots from.
There will be An open day at Graf Ignatievo on the first of june, as well a military excercise with bulgarian and USAF planes (F15), but it won't be accessable for the public, unless you are part of aviation magazine etc.
If you need a guide around SOF let us know where you come from and when exactly :wink:
Looking forward to hearing from you!
P.S. Do you have any of your pictures uploaded somewhere?
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Мнениеот Гост » 22 Апр 2006 20:24

Hallo Emo,

Thank you for the very quick reply. Great new about the exercise at Graf, do you think a member of the Aviation Society of Antwerp (ASA), me, can get in? Do you have to apply in advance somewhere? Do you think something can be arranged to visit the military part of LBSF as well? unfortunately i haven't any pictures uploaded on an aviation-site at the moment, I just went into the digital world! ;-) But I will post here now two pictures of helicopters onboard a US and a Polish ship that visited the Antwerp last week. Hope you like it. Kind regards, Stephan.



Мнениеот Делян » 22 Апр 2006 20:26

There is BIAFin Plovdiv, but it is every 2 years. The next one is 2007.
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Мнениеот Felle » 22 Апр 2006 20:41

Hallo Delyan,

I was refering to the Hemus exhibition event which will take place from 1-3 of june in Plovdiv. Some days ago it was written that there will be also flying activities at Plovdiv airport.

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Re: Spotting LBSF

Мнениеот Гост » 26 Апр 2006 21:52

Hello to all

Cannot speak or write Bulgarian but would welcome info about stored airliners at Sofia. I work for British Airways and can be contacted on


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