Ryanair to start Transatlantic service?

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Will Ryanair start a transatlantic service?

Yes. In 2009
Yes. Later than 2009
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Ryanair to start Transatlantic service?

Мнениеот LZ-EZY » 13 Яну 2009 21:35

This part of the forum is really quiet, let's get it move a little bit!

Niagara Falls may become one of the first North American destinations for European discount giant FR. This is reported on USA Today with reference to the The Buffalo News

Niagara Falls Airport IAG / KIAG (airport homepage, 20 miles from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport BUF / KBUF, does have only one carrier right now - Direct Air of Myrtle Beach.

Knowing the business model of Ryanair in Europe this would fit perfect into FR's picture - a no-where airport possibly even paying them money just to land.....and for sure they would advertise it as "service to New York" even when New York is just a few hundred miles away.....

Ryanair would also market it as a flight to Toronto. Niagara Falls International Airport is 133 km (83 mi) from Toronto Pearson, and could serve passengers going to both Upstate NY and Southern Ontario.

Even Better for FR - with one flight they could say "we have flights to USA and Canada" .....

But FR need aircraft capable of the route first...
MOL kept talking about a substantial order for the 787 or A350 a couple of years back but has gone very quiet now - unless the 15 787s order by UFOair in Dec was for FR or maybe they're confident on the EI takeover and well rebrand some of their incoming A330s as Ryanair Transatlantic or similar.

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has said he is looking for planes to operate transatlantic services.

He said the transatlantic service would be run by a separate company to Ryanair, though he is likely take a big interest in it.

The new carrier would need between 50 to 60 long-haul planes, which would be based at up to 10 European airports, including Dublin and London.

More on the airport :


The Niagara Falls International Airport is an attractive alternative to currently congested major North American International airports. With its 10,825 ft. main runway, 5,850 ft. crosswind runway, 24-hour operation (no curfews), 24 hr. CFR service, excellent access to inspection agencies, and price competitive landing fees, the NFIA is ideally suited and strategically located to accommodate various types of aviation operations.

The close proximity of the airport to the Canada/USA border, its location just off a major highway, and its central location to the Canada and USA population base, offer great operational advantages. In addition, there is an excellent local labor force and the presence of over 300 freight forwarders in the airport vicinity makes freight operations a natural fit for this airport.
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Re: Ryanair to start Transatlantic service?

Мнениеот Capt_Vio » 06 Апр 2009 01:32

Hmmm... Wow! This I did not expect at all. I've been there many times. Ryanair would probably advertise this as a "New York" / "Toronto" destination, but from Niagara Falls to Toronto you're looking at a good 2 - 3 hour drive not to mention the hassle of going through the border. It seems that, lately, the Canadian / US Customs are making it harder and harder for people to travel between the two countries. Long line ups, rude staff, etc. I wouldn't bother flying with them if I was to live in Toronto. YYZ (Toronto Pearson) offers great fares to Europe and I really don't think the hassle is worth the money you save... but then again... I'm not an aviation analyst.
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Re: Ryanair to start Transatlantic service?

Мнениеот teddy_b » 08 Апр 2015 20:02

The same topic came back and it's 2015. Ryanair, once in few years, just tells this to get some attention. That's all.
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Re: Ryanair to start Transatlantic service?

Мнениеот mistoffelees » 08 Апр 2015 23:22

Well, with the fuel prices at their lowest since at least 2007, if Ryanair has even the slightest intention to disturb the business of the big boys, now is the best time.
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Re: Ryanair to start Transatlantic service?

Мнениеот turquoisesky » 19 Апр 2015 19:20

But it's so annoying. The same topic every few years. And we all know that it's not gonna work at all.
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Re: Ryanair to start Transatlantic service?

Мнениеот freshmelon » 22 Апр 2015 11:15

But people believe and this is how ads work.
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