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Мнениеот slice » 28 Юли 2005 16:45

windows xp pro comes with a small tool called Windows movie maker, or something like that... It can save the avi's compressed and a 10MB move comes to 1MB or less.... of course the quallity gets worse.
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Мнениеот Anto » 17 Авг 2005 01:01

Thanks for your help.
I cant actually find that programme on my computer,
even tho i have windows xp.Oh well, i may have to download
something similar to it of the internet.
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Мнениеот M@x » 17 Авг 2005 14:33

Try here:
Start->All Programs->Windows Movie Maker

D:\Program Files\Movie Maker or on the partition where Windows is installed C:\.... D:\.... E:\.... or search for moviemk.exe ...
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Мнениеот Anto » 18 Авг 2005 22:53

:D Thanks i found it!
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DVD Russian airliners

Мнениеот dacchan » 09 Апр 2008 11:10

Hi folks,

In these months I am copying several Terrabytes of old film material from hundreds of video cassettes on to external disks in AVI format.
These videos feature also many trips on Russian planes (also in cockpit) especially of Balkan, Hemus Air, Flying Dandy featuring planes like IL-18, AN-24, YAK-40s, TU-134s, TU-154s, some of them with good cockpit features as well.
I have plans to publish some of these on DVD, but the scope of material is too large to publish them all.
Attached please find my video lists.Those marked on the right side with DV (Digital video) are almost all copied on external disks and are available for further processing.

If anybody is interested in producing commercial DVDs with me featuring Balkan, Hemus Air and Flying Dandy Air and the mentioned aircraft types, or in any other has an interest in this subject, please drop a mail to

If you are interested to learn more about myself and my mission, please feel free to visit :

Site is in German but the pictures speak their own language.

Best regards from Mainz / Germany
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