Varna - Need help

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Varna - Need help

Мнениеот greclev » 01 Авг 2015 08:58

Hi there,

I'm Levi from Hungary, and I'm writing here because I need some information concerning spotting in Varna. I'm going to spend some days there at the beginning of August.
Could you recommend me some good spotting locations? (The spotting is planned for the 3rd of August in the morning.) I also wonder if you have a map of the spotlocs.
I saw on fr24 that Transaero UN9145 is operated with a 744 on Fridays and Mondays. Is this a tendence or just random? I'd be very happy actually if I could see a Jumbo on Monday :)
Anyway, thanks for your help in advance.
I'm looking forward hearing from you.
Best regards,

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